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Our privacy policy is applicable to all viewers who visit our website or mobile application or interact with us.

This privacy policy may be changed from time to time and viewers are therefore requested to review our privacy policy regularly about the information and services being provided by us.

Collection of Information

As and when you connect with us we collect some information like name, email address, phone number, avatar image, your responses, posting and interaction on our platform.

We can collect information about you and your activities on our website or mobile app, such as what pages you like, how much time you spend on each page, or what your reading preferences are. So in future we will show you those kinds of pages.

When you purchase our services, we collect the information about the transaction like subscription details, price and date of transaction.

We may also collect information about how you access our services, your IP address, mobile network, operating system version.

information is collected by cookies to collect information about you that will help us to improve our services with your experience.

We also collect information about you from a third party source e.g. if you login through facebook or google we will access certain information from that platform, such as your name, your profile picture.

Third parties are involved in the payment process with our services so just review this policy before you provide any information to the payment processor.

Use of Information

We can use your information to create and maintain your account. We use your information to maintain and improve our services.

We use your information to process the transaction and send the related information like confirmations and receipts.

We use your information to respond to your comments, communicate with you, solve your questions and provide customer service.

Sharing of Information

We can share your personal information to other users for the services. That means, if you are posting your content to our website then that content will be displayed to other users with your name, picture, bio etc.

We can share your personal information with our service providers companies like payment processing, fraud prevention and security companies.

Third Party Embeds

Our privacy policy does not apply to information collected through embeds. That means, if you are using our app through google or facebook or any other app embed and then watch the content, then these applications receive information about your activity, like your IP address and what kind of videos you post. Our app does not control what information third parties collect through embeds or what they do with the information.

Transfer of information to India and other countries

Our application is an Indian Application and we provide services to other countries also. So we may transfer your personal information to our other service providers. But we will try our best to ensure that your personal information is still protected with us. And no one is going to use that against you.

Your Choices

Users can access, modify and delete the information at any time by using the Setting Page. If you delete the account, still we retain certain information about you.

Users can get the notifications to their mobile device and can deactivate this feature at any time by changing the notification settings on your mobile device.

Additional Disclosures for Individuals in Europe

If our users are from European countries then, there are some rule applied to you:

We will perform our responsibilities and provide the services you requested.

We can access your personal information to some extent to operate our business and provide and maintain the services to you. To communicate with you we can use your personal information. If you are not satisfied with our privacy policy then please refrain from our services.

Data Retention

We will store your personal data if your account remains active on our website. if you delete your account temporarily then, we still have your information with us. but if you delete your account permanently then, we will delete your account data within 30 days.

Data Subject Request

Users can access their personal data anytime. If a user needs to modify the data or update the pages they like, then they can simply go to the Settings option and do the changes accordingly. Users may delete the account from the setting page.

Questions and Complains

Users can ask any kind of questions and send complaints regarding any services of our app. For that user can simply send us an email on contact@isitwa.in and we will try to resolve any considerable issue.

Contact Us

If a user has any query regarding our privacy policy, then they are free to contact us on contact@isitwa.in.

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